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Hello, Friend.

Thanks for stopping by! You might be wondering how I became a UX designer. Well, pull up a chair!


I've always liked to tell stories and communicate ideas, which I did for many years as a cartoonist and illustrator. These fields require an exceptional degree of precision, as well as effective and engaging communication skills. And when a local art department called for a designer, these skills served me well for many years.


As time went on, I wanted to grow as a designer. As I began to research how to improve my design chops, I discovered that the designers I most admired were in UX. The more I looked into it, the more I was drawn to the emphasis on storytelling that other design fields lack, as well as the empathy inherent in UX design. It became inevitable at that point that I would be UX designer.


If this story has moved you, feel free to email me. If you resist its poignancy, still email me, please.

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More about me

Comics and Illustration

Before coming to UX, I was a freelance illustrator, designer, and cartoonist. While UX is my main squeeze these days, I still enjoy drawing and working on comics in my spare time. Here's a sampling of some of my past work.

UX Experiments

Some ideas are too good to let go, even if there's not a strictly-speaking "practical purpose".


I often hear the phases "awesome", "rad", or "cowabunga". Until now, these were purely subjective assessments of what is known as cool. But rest assured, gentle reader, that coolness has been rendered very much objective by my app The Coolculator. Using a very reasonable, heavily-"researched" metric, any user will be able to asses the coolness of themselves, loved ones, and co-workers. 

Below, you can see the the prototype Coolculator being used by someone who is cool. 

Try the Coolculator here, and put your coolness to the test.

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