Illustrated Guides

Working with The Bold Italic,

I share some of the Bay Area's hidden attractions.


San Francisco's Most Unusual Statues

San Francisco is full of structural landscapes, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Coit Tower to the Transamerica Pyramid building. But the city is also full of lesser-known statues and sculptures hiding in plain sight with interesting stories behind them, especially in the Financial District. You’ve likely walked by these mini-landmarks without giving them much thought, I’m here to fill you in on their backstories. Join us on an illustrated journey through Downtown SF to learn the stories behind these little-known sculptures.


San Francisco's Publicly Owned Private Spaces

You might have heard that San Francisco has a slew of privately owned public spaces (known as POPOS) around the downtown area—rooftops and courtyards and gardens that are open to anyone and everyone. These spots have been required ever since the passage of a development plan passed in 1985, mandated public places be available to San Franciscans among the skyscrapers.


Today, more than 60 of these spaces exist across SF—but they are often hidden and hard to find. Some believe this is done on purpose by the companies that own them, a coy way of keeping the public out or to a minimum. To make sure you can use them as intended, we’ve put together an illustrated guide to show you exactly how to find eight of the most camouflaged POPOS.